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Iran Steel Market Trend in Week 06th  , 2023

Iran Steel Market Trend in Week 06th  , 2023


Billet domestic market was faced with a limited supply and Khuzestan steel co credit sales heated up the market. Re-rollers are mostly in shortage of billet, and this has made demand level up. Its average price improved from USD 653/mt to USD 664/mt ex-work including VAT.


Long Products

The market did not believe in rebar upward trend,therefore, its demand level at IME was at the minimum, and the competition was mostly on credit sales, but the fact is that most of re-rollers do not have enough stock of the product, and this caused the price increase in the market from USD 743/mt to USD 768/mt ex-work including VAT.

 Limited supply level and rumers about possible stoppage of Esfahan Steel co production in the coming year in Iran, made I-beam upward from USD 941/mt to USD 1026/mt ex-work including VAT.


Flat Products

Price of 2 mm thickness HRC ex-work Mobarakeh was USD 1158 /mt on last Sunday, which reached USD 1200 /mt by Wednesday. HRC had ups and downs due to market concerns and the possibility of price falling back at IME, but on the weekend, the market's confidence was strengthened and prices improved.

Oxin co HRP delivery is limited yet and higher slab price in global markets also affected HRP price to rise from USD 1072/mt to USD 1114/mt ex-work including VAT.

CRC market is facing with a severe supply limitation right in its consumption season, and this has brought the price to its peak. Last week it rose from USD 1591/mt to USD 1729/mt.

Higher HRC price and lower supply level made HDG also up from USD 1537/mt to USD 1718/mt.


Weekly Analysis:

Prices remained strong in the global market. A possible decrease in OPEC+ supply will help increase oil prices, while the Russians' share of the oil market will decrease due to USA pressure. Therefore, the role of OPEC will be more prominent, in this case, oil price will remain stable, which will not allow billet price to decrease.

The earthquake in Turkey is by sure a human disaster, but in the coming months, demand for billet, rebars and scrap will increase in this country, since CFR scrap in Turkey is one of the global scrap market indicators, at least in the next three months there should be no news of a decrease in the price of scrap. unless the scrap from the Turkish earthquake fills part of the demand, which it takes time.

Views are different in the domestic market. One view believes that with warmer weather and the improvement in the supply of DRI, billet price will decrease due to the increase in supply. This view sees the price of DRI in the range of USD 246-281 and billet at the base of USD 561 /mt. The most important argument of this group is the government's pressure on the currency of USD1 / Rials 285,000, which does not allow the price to increase despite the increase in the volume of exports.

The second view believes thathigher DRI and billet supply will be neutralized by three factors: First, the increase in gas, power, wages and freight rate

Second, the competition at IMEto buy, which raises the price.

Third, increasing demand and export prices. Also this group don’t believe in a stable currency rate.

If we leave all the equations aside, what determines the market trend is the exchange rate. The exchange rate is important not as a price determining factor, but as a driver and direction of the market.


CBI weekly average ex-rate for Steel Products (SANA): Rials 285,000/ 1USD

13 Feb 2023


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