The US has a lot of natural gas that may have to stay in the ground due to never-ending legal battles to get pipelines built Global tourism lost almost $200 billion during coronavirus lockdown – UN The entire American economy is just a facade for money-laundering’ – RT’s Keiser Report Iran steel market Trend in Week 26th , 2020 What are commodity funds? Here’s how to trade Chinese stocks during rising tensions with the U.S. and a pandemic Global trade faces worst plunge on record, but ‘it could have been much worse’ – WTO Iran steel market Trend in Week 25th , 2020 China aims to complete its own GPS system, giving Beijing military independence in case of conflict What hasn't been done to save the global economy E-commerce may be the driver for expansion of Russian businesses in China A new threat to global trade: Exhausted crews want off cargo ships now Eurozone economy heading for ‘sharp decline’ of 13%, ECB warns Iran steel market Trend in Week 24th , 2020 IMF warns most countries are doing worse than projected & says it will likely further lower its forecast Will America’s pipeline operators survive the oil crisis? China may punish Australia with trade curbs — but it can’t stop buying iron ore from Down Under Steelmakers Expect Double-Digit Dip In Demand, Revival Only In Q3 FY21: Crisil ‘Bitcoin is a very likely candidate for a world reserve currency, The most dramatic year in the history of oil Don’t Lose the Thread. The Economy Is Experiencing an Epic Collapse of Demand. China’s exports turn negative again & imports plunge to new lows amid coronavirus crisis Russia to buy $1.5 billion worth of pipes to develop Arctic projects & pump gas to China Russia Is Quickly Becoming The Most Dominant Force In Energy Copper, iron ore prices surge on signs of quick global recovery Oil Majors Face Another Impossible Decision China is seeing a ‘V-shaped recovery,’ but don’t expect that to be the global norm, analyst warns Iran steel market Trend in Week 22nd , 2020 Dry Bulk Market: The End of the Road for Iron Ore How much money does the world owe China?

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‘’ entrepreneur & best-selling author tells RT's Keiser Report
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A rip in the fabric of the economy won’t be healed easily, and denial of the severity of the crisis won’t solve it.
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