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About Us

Economical Cooperation Group Co”, is family owned company, founded in 1918.
By industrial development during 1990 decade, it was needed to expand trade too. So, ECGCO launched the web site: “www.irsteel.com” as an exclusive web site for steel business products which was the first in Iran in 1994. 
Irsteel.com is a portal where manufacturers, traders, steel users can find it as a platform to buy and sell steel products or get related information such as steel standards, steel  prices,  news, etc.
This Site includes up-to-date information relating to the steel industry, which is accessible either on line or by registering for the email service.
We have no responsibility for any transaction which is done through our information
Irsteel.com is a direct line between buyers and sellers. It is a platform that neither buys or sells nor finance. But just close related parties to each other.
We can inform your inquiry or offers to more than 5.000 members of our web site. Besides, we can submit you any related information by your request.
We hope you find our services useful for your business.
For more information, please contact info@irsteel.com or please fax Mr. chitsaz + 98 21 83755
You are always welcome 
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