Steel Export Highly Essential for Iran's HOSCO-Mr. Soroushi

Hormozgan Steel Complex, one of the largest exporter of slab has exported around 415,000 MT slab during the first 6 months of current Persian year (21 Mar-22 Sep’18). HOSCO export more than 75% of its total production. Last Persian year, the company exported more than 1 MnT of steel out of the total production of 1.4 MnT.

According to Mr. Masoud Soroushi, Director of Planning and Marketing research at Hormozgan Steel Company “Hormozgan Steel Company last year sold around 1 MnT slab globally. This year, the company is expected to export more as compare to last year. Currently, Hormozgan Steel Slab is a well-known brand in the world and has been able to find good markets among consumer countries. Exports for Hormozgan steel company is like water for fish.”

He added “Hormozgan Steel Company has been able to stabilize its presence on the global markets by adopting the right strategies during the last three years. Due to advantages, such as access to open water and the port, Hormozgan steel is able to export more. Currently, all efforts and strategies in HOSCO is focused on export markets.”

Mr Soroushi added “One of the key factors to succeed in exports is timely, accurate and effective marketing that has been carried out in different parts of the world, which helped HOSCO to identify target market. Another reason for the success of Hormozgan's steel exports was the production of quality and specific products for it users, both in terms of its size and its chemical composition.”

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Source: Steel mint
Nov 5, 2018 09:33
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